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Foreign Birth Registration ( FBR )

You may be entitled to take up an Irish passport because one of your ancestors was an Irish citizen.
We have a proven record in achieving Irish citizenship for people in these situations.
We are familiar with all kinds of family records which are needed to succeed in these applications,

Visa Appeals

An applicant usually has 2 months from the date of the Visa decision to submit an Appeal.
Some times a Visa Appeal is the appropriate step to take when mistakes have been made by the decision maker.
Sometimes it is better to submit a fresh Visa application.
The bad news is that some people often receive negative decisions on Visa applications where they are not justified.
Often this is because the Visa application was not properly understood by the decision maker or perhaps the applicant failed to include some important document.
The good news is that we can often reverse a negative decision on Appeal.

Book a consultation to see if we can assist with your particular circumstances.

Irish citizenship / Naturalisation.

We have been able to assist numerous clients in becoming Irish citizens through naturalisation over the last 20 years. The application forms issued by the Department of Justice appear to change every few months and the criteria which the Minister relies on also seems also to vary from year to year. We believe that it is vitally important for applicants to seek legal advice prior to submitting such an application. We offer up to date advice on naturalisation and citizenship.

A naturalisation application is not capable of being appealed as the Minister retains a very considerable discretion in deciding such applications.
Of course this makes it even more important to take advice before you submit the application.


Visas give a person the right to travel to Ireland. They do not confer a right to residency thereafter. Visas applications are made online through the AVATS system. We can help with the submission of a visa application whether it be a short stay holiday visa (C class) or a long stay visa (D class). We offer up to date professional advice on all Visa applications and Appeals.


  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Family or friends visa
  • Conference or event visa
  • Employment (Atypical Working Scheme) visa
  • Exam visa
  • Join ship visa
  • Marriage visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Performance or tournament visa
  • Training visa


  • Study visa
  • Join a family member visa
  • Zambrano visa
  • Employment visa
  • Employment researcher visa
  • Employment ( Van Der Elst) visa
  • Minister of religion visa
  • Volunteer visa.

Work permits

Work permits are of 2 types. General Work Permits and Critical Skills Work Permits. A General Work Permit will only issue if the job type being applied for is considered an "eligible job category". Also the vacancy must survive a "labour test" which seeks to establish that no EU national s available for the position before a candidate from a third country is allowed to take up the position.

Critical Skills Work permits are available to persons who have the required qualifications and experience in certain critical skills areas which are currently undersupplied in the State.
Work permit applications can be quite complicated and will only succeed where every aspect of the application is prepared professionally. We can assist with all work permit applications as well as drafting Appeals should the applicant have been refused.

EU Treaty Rights

This type of residency derives from the European Treaties and its secondary legislation which sets out the entitlements of EU citizens and their spouses in circumstances where the EU spouse is residing in an EU member State other than his/her own.
It also allows for other family members to take up dependent residency in certain circumstances.

These rights have been the subject of considerable litigation and Stanley and Co Solicitors have considerable experience in applying the law successfully. These EU permissions may also extend to other family members in certain circumstances.

  • Special rules apply where the original permission is to be extended.

  • Special rules also apply upon marital breakdown or where the death of the EU spouse takes place following a grant of residency.

  • Permanent EU residency is possible on renewal where this type of residency lasts for a period of 5 years.

  • It is important to take expert advice on these applications so as to avoid disappointment.

"Thank you for helping us get Zambrano residency in Ireland.."
Mr and Mrs Akhtar
"Thank you for working so hard and helping us.."
Kamrand Sheeba
"Thank you so much for your help you saved our lives.."
Julia and Merdisej
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C. Seward
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Charl and family
"Thank you very much Mr Stanley for fighting for my document you are the best lawyer I have ever seen.."
Michael J.
  • Irish Spouse residency permission
  • Zambrano type residency permission
  • EU Spouse type residency
  • EU dependency type residency
  • Leave to remain
  • Work permits (General)
  • Work permits ( Critical skills)
  • Proposals to revoke
  • Deportation Orders
  • Removal Orders
  • Family reunification
  • Refugee Status
  • Subsidiary protection
  • Long term residency
  • Immigrant Investor Programme
  • Change of permission

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