• Overview

    We have been helping people negotiate the Irish immigration system for many years and we have considerable experience in the submission of all types of residency applications. Where applications have been rejected we can assist in the drafting and submission of Appeals. We also have huge experience in challenging Immigration decisions to the High Court and to the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • Zambrano
    EU Treaty derived residency for parents of EU citizens

    There is much confusion as to the nature and type of this residency category.

    Is it an entitlement of the Irish citizen child or an entitlement of the parent?

    Is it a type of residency which the Irish Immigration authorities may grant in a discretionary fashion or are they obliged to grant these permissions when certain criteria are proven?

    We are able to help clients who wish to apply for residency in the State on the basis of their parentage of their Irish citizen children who are dependent upon them. These rights primarily derive from the Treaties of the European Union and more particularly the interpretation given by the European Court of Justice in cases such as “Ruiz Zambrano”.

    In this case the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
    finds that Article 20 of the Lisbon Treaty (TFEU) precludes a Member State from refusing a third country national upon whom his minor children, who are European Union citizens, are dependent, a right of residence in the Member State of residence and nationality of those children, and from refusing to grant a work permit to that third country national, in so far as such decisions deprive those children of the genuine enjoyment of the substance of the rights attaching to the status of European Union citizen.

    Despite this court case having been decided by the European Court of Justice in March 2011, the Irish Immigration authorities have been very slow to apply the law in a coherent and logical way.

    It is vital that applicants for this type of residency consult with a Solicitor prior to making such an application whether it be a visa application made from outside of Ireland or a permission to remain application made from within the State.
  • EU Treaty Rights
    EU Treaty Rights

    This type of residency derives from the European Treaties and its secondary legislation which sets out the entitlements of EU citizens and their spouses in circumstances where the EU spouse is residing in an EU member State other than his /her own.

    These rights have been subject to much litigation and Stanley and Co Solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with the Department of Justice in relation to such applications. These EU permissions may also extend to other family members in certain circumstances.

    • Special rules apply where the original permission is to be extended.

    • Special rules also apply upon marital breakdown or where the death of the EU spouse takes place following a grant of residency.

    • Permanent EU residency is possible on renewal where this type of residency lasts for a period of 5 years.

    • It is important to take expert advice on these applications so as to avoid disappointment.
  • Irish Spouse
    Irish Spouse type residency.
    This type of residency is granted to the third country national spouses of Irish citizens who reside together in the State. This type of residency is considered by the Department of Justice to be a discretionary permission. The criteria for succeeding in such an application can differ according to the circumstances of the client. Stanley & Co. Solicitors have helped numerous clients over the years to secure this type of permission.
  • Naturalisation
    Irish citizenship / Naturalisation.
    We have been able to assist numerous clients who have succeeded in becoming Irish citizens through naturalisation over the last 10 years. The application forms issued by the Department of Justice appear to change every few months and the criteria which the Minister relies on also seems to vary from year to year. We believe that it is vital for applicants to seek legal advice prior to submitting such an application as the contents will be open to considerable scrutiny by the Minister prior to he deciding whether or not to grant Citizenship by way of Naturalisation.
  • Visas
    Visas are now made online through the AVATS system. We can help with the submission of a visa application.It is better to get advice on entitlements before you make the application and not afterwards.
    Some people may have an entitlement to travel to Ireland and others may not. Remember ask first before you make the application.
  • Delays
    It is never nice to have to wait and when a loved one is overseas it is very difficult to understand why a Visa application or a Residency permission should have to take as long as it does.
    There are time limits on how long certain visas and other applications can take to process. Check with us and we will let you know if there is something that can be done.
  • Investor residency
    Over the last 4 years the Department of Justice and Equality have developed a number of schemes to encourage inward investment into Ireland.
    These applications are made under the Immigrant Investor Program.
    See detailed information in relation this separate initiatives from the main menu.
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