July 2016

Can we advise UK nationals on how to prepare for the effects of Brexit ?

Don't panic and yes of course we can help. Many UK nationals have been contacting us since the Brexit referendum was carried and it is surprising the range of circumstances people are finding themselves in. People are asking about the possibility of applying for Irish passports. People are worried about being allowed to stay in Ireland after the final Brexit date arrives. Although we cannot be sure how long it is going to take for the UK to exit the EU, we can be sure that it will be at least 2 years or more from today. This gives people plenty of time to plan for this eventuality. Everyones circumstances are going to be different. It will be appropriate in some cases to apply for Irish citizenship through naturalisation, in other circumstances we may advise people to cement their relationship to Ireland through an application for EU permanent residency. This in turn can allow a person to apply for Irish citizenship subsequently through the naturalisation process. People may have had children in Ireland since they came here, this may provide further reasons for an entitlement to residency. Remember if you are not presently entitled to an Irish passport or entitled to apply for Irish citizenship through naturalisation then the next most important thing is to ensure your residency entitlements survive the effects of Brexit. Contact us for a consultation if you want to find out how you might qualify.